Wednesday, 8 November 2017

How Did We Get Here?

If you want to have an idea of the things that are tearing us apart as a nation and the extent to which we're losing our humanity, try to engage kids in simple conversations. Spend time with and around them.

Recently at the music school, I got talking with a five year old boy during his break time and asked him "are you a Christian or a Muslim?" He looked at me with surprise... "uncle what does that mean?" Trying to explain to him, I asked "do you go to Church or Mosque?" He responded with such a great excitement..."yes yes yes uncle, I go to Church! I love my church so much, I love the Sunday school, I love every Sunday morning, I love my friends in the church....we use to sing a lot of songs, I'm happy any time my mummy takes me to church".

With that level of enthusiasm about his Church, I was so curious to know what Church it is ."What's the name of your Church?" I asked. He answered with a straight face: "uncle I don't know...why are you asking?" At that point I freezed... "Don't worry" I replied, I quickly climbed the stairs up and got thinking...

So this little boy doesn't know his religion. He doesn't know his denomination. But he's extremely excited about his personal Church experience and doesn't think there's a need for him or me to worry about those details. He feels those details have no roles to play in our friendship.

What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, freedom, love, simplicity and truthfulness; the absence of which has made our world a complicated, divided and chaotic one.

God help us!



You don't learn music so you could show off your blazing fingers on the keys and strings of your instrument

You don't learn music so you could sing so well with the voice of a bird

You don't learn music so you can become world's most famous star

You learn music so you can recognise love

You learn music so you can recognise beauty

You learn music so you can see the good in everything

You learn music so you can experience daily the joy nothing else can give

You learn music so you can experience freedom

You learn music so you can appreciate the simple and small things of life and so the complicated things of life can become simple

You learn music so you can see the light and be the light

You learn music so you can find the courage and inner strength to keep going when life's floor gets slippery

You learn music so kindness can have a permanent place in your heart

You learn music so your heart can hold no grudges except the sweet melodies of the new song you make

You learn music so you can touch hearts in ways nothing else can do

You learn music so you can share your passion with the world

You learn music so you could have a Voice

You learn music so you can make the world a better place.


Keeping your Passion for the Arts Alive!

Just yesterday, the former Nigerian president - Olusegun Obasanjo - makes his acting debut at 80. I remember one of his personal events where he hijacked the microphone from the guest musician to sing himself. It was quite hilarious!

If you have Passion for music or any other arts, do not ignore it. Ignoring it is like nursing a terminal disease; it will keep eating you up and hunting you. No matter what other things you do, you'd always feel a vacuum, you will always feel incomplete.

Having the love for arts in your heart is not a burden or distraction to your destiny; God put it in there to add colour to your life - to make your life beautiful and make you "more". You do not have to quit your current occupation or career to feed your passion for the arts, just a little step, a little glimpse, a little walk now and then into the world of arts would give you the fulfilment you've been searching everywhere for. There are lots of presidents, governors, lawyers, doctors, bankers, etc, who are seasoned writers, instrumentalists, singers, actors, painters, comedians, etc. Your affinity for the arts is an enhancer, it won't reduce you in anyways. And remember, there's no time in your life that is too early or too late to start embracing the passion.

If you're that person I'm talking to, but you don't know how or where to start from, I am willing to help, I'm willing to counsel you, that's been my ultimate preoccupation - helping people groom and optimize their God-given talent.

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Akapo Emmanuel