Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tips for Coping with Stage Fright

Stage fright is inevitable; it is a normal thing for a performer. It gives you a push to the top. There are two types of fright:

The Performer’s anxiety where the singer is in doubt of how good the performance will be while the other type is where the performer has a phobia for the crowd, does not want to be in limelight (for this type of fright the person has no business with being in the forefront of entertainment).

How to Choose your Style of Music

This is a question that virtually everyone who craves for a career in music would ask. What’s my style of music? Would it sell? Would the public like it? And many more questions…

There’s one thing you must know. You can create your own concept and style of music and still be relevant in the entertainment market. Don’t be scared to launch out with your brand of music. Although, popular music also called Mainstream tends to sell more and brings fame easily but the musician is faced with a lot of competitors because mostly everyone wants to sing the style that ‘sells.’
Enough said; here are ways to choose your own unique style and still sell:

     Build a style that compliments your voice, personality and interest. Your voice has to do with who you are,  your likes and dislikes.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Basic Breathing Exercises for Voice

Learning to improve your voice is a gradual process.The process will become automatic, but it takes daily practice and often several years of study, depending on the individual. There are varieties of voice exercises to strengthen and shape your voice. Here is a 15mins breath control exercise for sustaining:

Bend over at the hips, not waist, so that your spine is straight. Be sure not to lock your knees straight, but instead let them soften with a slight bend. Feel your face, arms and body relax. Be like a rag-doll. Inhale so that you feel an expansion low in your body, even into the thigh area and low back.