Saturday, 26 November 2011

How to build an Excellent Choir or Band

How to build an Excellent Choir or Band

What exactly is meant by an Excellent Choir? An excellent choir can simply be defined as a group of people who create music that has a strong positive impact on an audience. From this definition it can be deduced that excellence in music performance has a lot to do with an audience. So, your effectiveness largely depends on the kind of audience you are serving. Your number one goal should be to leave an unforgettable impact in the hearts of your listeners every time you minister. I’m sure at some point you might have listened to musicians who sounded very good and skillful but didn’t leave any strong impression on your mind. Excellence should not be confused with demonstration of creativity and skills alone. Excellence has to do with how long your songs stay on people’s mind long after you’ve left the stage.

I will like to share with you some useful secrets on how to building an excellent music group. These secrets can also be regarded as inevitable requirements for raising a successful group.

Before you can make an impact in music you must be propelled by a strong desire to do so. What are your motives for striving to be best? What inspires you to create music and perform it? Do you feel an irresistible urge to touch lives and make an indelible mark? Are you sure you’re not just motivated to impress people, to show off skills and intimidate others? To be the best, your drive must be a genuine ever-growing desire to touch lives positively, to influence your generation, to continuously give your audience a life-changing experience.

5 Steps to Becoming a Great Singer

Legendary Singer, Toni Braxton
5 Steps to becoming a great Singer

By Akapo Emmanuel

I congratulate you for discovering this write-up! Because in less than 5 minutes you will discover the greatest secrets of developing a star quality voice- that voice you’ve always dreamt of. I hope you are not one of those who believe becoming a good singer is all about talent, you either have it or you don’t? That is one of the biggest lies I have had to help my students get off their mindsets. As a vocal coach who has trained over 1000 voices in about 10 years running, I can authoritatively tell you, everybody created by God can sing; what we can sing and how much we should sing are the only differences. If you take the next few sets of advice I’m about to give seriously, you will definitely be on your way to building a beautiful and commercially viable singing voice.

A. Discover your unique Vocal Identity

Who are you vocally? Can you give a concise description of your voice? What qualities make your voice sound unique? The first and most important step you must take on your way to building a star quality voice is discovering who you are vocally. For every unique person there is a unique voice. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sound like who you are not and whom you are never going be. When you have a proper understanding of your kind of voice, you can effectively decide what to use it for- the kind of songs/music to be singing. Is your voice soft, husky, whisky, light, bright, tough, weak or rocky? It’s when you discover who you are vocally that you can really improve on your singing. Take some time to record yourself while singing over and over again. Play it to yourself and listen sincerely. What brand of voice do you hear, what do you think that kind of voice should be singing? Will you take a sincere decision or go ahead with your fantasy of becoming e.g a hippop superstar when you have soulish and tender voice. Embark right now on a journey of self vocal discovery. That is the foundation upon which every other thing will hinge as you work towards building a great voice.