Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Nigerian Music Industry has Become a Highly Lucrative Industry: Become an Investor Now!

 Nigerian Music Industry has Become a Highly Lucrative Industry: Become an Investor Now!

The music industry of Nigeria has witnessed an exponential growth over the last decade, in fact, the music of Nigeria is now the sound of Africa. The Music of Nigeria has become Nigeria's most popular brand around the world, logically, that implies 'music is Nigeria's biggest export' as of today. [...whether Nigeria is a making a commensurate level of dividends from this trend is a crucial question for another day].

This visible growth in the Nigeria music industry has continued to encourage more and more young people to pick up music related careers. Youths now have an increased level of approval and supports from their parents to pursue careers in music. Investors now see reasons and prospects to invest in the industry. In Lagos alone there are over 40 Radio and TV stations dedicated to playing and promoting Nigerian music,we have world-class recording facilities, live venues and lounges that overflow with fans everyday of the week! A-list artistes in Nigeria charge as much as 8 Million Naira (40,000USD) per gig, while B-list and lower grades can charge between 5 Million to 3 Million Naira per day. And, they get between 5 to 10 of those gigs on the minimum every month. We now have major Telecoms companies and breweries competing with each other as regards lavishing money on musical artistes and activities in Nigeria. Countless number of talent hunts and music reality shows are springing up daily that provides opportunities for new talents to be discovered and promoted. Also, the advent of digital technology has bridged the gap between local artistes and a global audience and all the businesses therewith, offering musicians same opportunities as their international counterparts. I can keep the list flowing all day!  ‎It is no doubt, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds, if we are smart, we can consolidate the gains and keep the trend upwards for a much longer time.

Moreso,  the development offers us a new opportunity; an increase in demand for music professionals and music related services. That is our major motivation for running Tenstrings Music Institute - to provide a sustainable platform where young aspiring musicians and music professionals can come to for a world-class training and grooming as they prepare for a launch into the industry.

Since we started 8 years ago, we have trained over 5000 students from Nigeria and other countries such as; Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, UK and Canada.

The institute currently runs in four study centers in Lagos‎ and has affiliates in  Port Harcourt and Abuja. Today, Tenstrings has become Nigeria's most renowned and bestselling music school.

Our focused is on experiencial grooming; the kind of training that gives students practical experience with industry professionals using state-of-the-art facilities,getting them optimally engaged and offering them industry exposure and connections. We work hard to cover all major aspects of the music industry; singing, playing of musical instruments, performance and musicianship, music business and showmanship, music production and sound engineering, dance, disc jockeying and video editing.

To further strengthen this mandate, we have also extended our services and brands to cover the following:

1. TopoftheChartsLive! (A live music TV show)
2. BuyInstruments.ng (an online musical instruments store)
3. Tenstrings Records (www.tenstrings.org/records)
4. Lekki Community Choir (a 100 man mass choir -www.LekkiCommunityChoir.com)
5. Tenstrings Orchestra and Tenstrings Band

We need to consolidate every aspect of the Business and make it the biggest music brand in Africa by 2020. 

That's exactly where we need your partnership ‎and/or involvement as an investor. Let's work together to reap in the benefits of the current boom in the music industry! You can invest in as much as you're able to: we have a window of opportunity that can accommodate up to $50, 000 worth of investments more.
If you're interested in becoming a partner or investor with Tenstrings, kindly contact:

The Executive Director 
Akapo Emmanuel