Friday, 9 December 2011

3 Secrets to Succeeding in any Singing Audition

3 Secrets to Pass any Singing Audition
By Akapo Emmanuel

Have you ever wondered why very talented singers fail during singing auditions? Perhaps you’ve had the experience; a situation where people you can sing far better than scale through an audition while you can’t even make it through the first stage. What is the problem, what could be wrong? Could it be that the judges are biased or they just didn’t like you? More often than not, these are not the reasons you were asked to use the door. There are basic understandings you must have when preparing for an audition. These skills are grouped into the three secrets I’m about to share with you below. If you adhere to these pieces of advice, I can assure, you will never be turned down from any singing auditions.

Choose the Song that Fits

This is probably the greatest reason most singers fail at auditions. The fact that a song sounds good does not mean it will be good enough for you. Every song is like a pair of dress. Dresses come in different sizes, different colours, and different fabrics to meet different tastes of different people. As a singer, you need to study your voice and discover your most comfortable style. You must consider your vocal range, your singing strengths and weaknesses before choosing an auditioning song. You should choose a song that appeals to your emotions, a song you feel very comfortable and excited singing, as song that will not expose your weaknesses. In essence, I am saying choose a song that best suits your personality.